Skein is the term used to describe a formation of geese flying together.

It symbolises both the way in which people engage & interact with brands across borders in the era of social media, as well as the way people work together in increasingly flatter organisations, where projects are organised around fluid team formations.

Skein, brands and people without borders, is an independent consultancy, founded by Stephane Le Camus, specialising in bringing marketing expertise to EVP, employee engagement, employer brand and out-sourcing services.

The belief that the power of brands is a unique way to engage people.

Brands are much more than logos and advertising, they are often an underleveraged asset that can become an immensely powerful tool for organisations, manager, employers and consumers.

By developing deep people insights, brands can engage consumers in distinctive & meaningful ways. Similarly employer can leverage brand power to engage their employees in emotional ways to achieve change, outstanding results or increase attraction and retention.

Stephane Le Camus holds a degree in marketing gained in his native France. For 12 years, he worked in a number of agencies as a brand consultant, specialising in developing and harmonising corporate and consumer brands internationally for clients such as LVMH, Unilever, British Airways and BAT.
He made his first steps of using brands for employee engagement & change management in various sectors; from airlines, to government organisations and financial institutions. He spent his last two years on the consultancy side developing the first Unilever global employer brand. At the time this was a pioneering project in Europe, with the development of a brand proposition, an identity framework and a recruitment advertising campaign.
Joining Unilever in 2002 as Global HR Brands Director, he was in charge of the global employer brand, EVP and HR out-sourcing brand. It is then, that in 2003 he piloted EVP for a number of areas of the company (B to B business unit & global brand category) and in 2004 he redeveloped the global employer brand to align it to the new Unilever corporate brand. He acquired experience in HR services brands with the launch of the in-source HR services, and the subsequent HR services out-sourcing project. In 2009 he was part of the team developing the new corporate vision and personally lead the development & implementation of the new global EVP. This project has since had a significant positive impact on the engagement score of the employees across the globe.
He is a regular speaker on the benefit of bringing a ‘consumer’ perspective to HR ‘products’ including employer brand, leadership brand, EVP and HR out-sourcing. Click here to see calendar of events.

Applying skills from classic product or corporate brand management, the services are offered in the form of strategic consultancy, brand guardianship, brand equity management, workshop moderation or project management across the following subjects:

Employer Brand:

Out-sourcing services & employee self-services:

The business was officially launched at the end of January 2011 and is currently engaging with a number of sectors from multinational companies, NGOs to Academic institutions.

Steph’s past work has won a number of awards such as the RAD (Recruitment Advertising) awards for Best Graduates Campaign 2010, Most Innovative use of New Media and Best of the Best in 2006.

Stephane’s speaker engagements for 2011 include:

9 & 10/02/2011: Barcelona: Teneo: Future of recruitment: Barcelona: Teneo: Future of recruitment

21 & 22/02/2011: Amsterdam: IBDG international: European HR strategy meeting

24 & 24/02/2011: Vienna: Stamford Global: Talent for tomorrow Vienna: Stamford Global: Talent for tomorrow

30 & 31/03/2011: Amsterdam: Orsney Media; Employee Engagement & Employer Branding Europe Amsterdam: Orsney Media; Employee Engagement & Employer Branding Europe

Stephane Le Camus
Mobile: + 44 7789 927 420
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Address: 77 Queen’s Gate; London SW7 5JU; UK

Skein brands limited, company number 7501251, is registered in England & Wales

VAT registration number: 105 0001 02